I have completed the Advanced Coach Training Program (ACTP) at the International Coaching Academy (ICA), a program accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). Since there currently is no national or international regulatory requirement for coaches, not all coaches have completed formal training through an accredited program. It was important for me to complete an accredited coaching program to give my clients the peace of mind knowing they are working with someone who has undergone rigorous training and has been asked to demonstrate the industry recognized skills and expertise required to practice as a coach.

I chose single parenting and blended families as my field because I understand the struggles of single parenting and blending families first hand. I have been a single parent for more than ten years and know how difficult it is to juggle parenting, working, going to school, and trying to find time to take care of yourself. For the last three years I had been involved in a relationship that eventually led us to blending our families. During this time, I saw the multiple issues that can arise when you blend families.

Ultimately our blended family fell apart causing me great heartbreak. Grieving this has been a gut-wrenching experience for many reasons. One, I was not only grieving my partner with whom I’d hoped to share my future, but I was grieving children who had become part of my life and heart and to which I have no legal rights. And two, I was grieving for our children who lost siblings and adults that they had come to love. My heart hurt for them at times maybe even more than for myself, after all, they had no choice in this. I felt that we, the adults, had failed them (again) and there was a great deal of shame and guilt around this.

As I looked in to the statistics for second and third marriages, I was disheartened by what I saw. I was not the exception, I was the norm. However, given another opportunity I want to beat the odds and I’m passionate to want to help you do the same. More important, I want to help single parents feel empowered and to truly love and honor themselves regardless of relationship status.

So, know that when you come to me for coaching, you are speaking with someone who is qualified both in education and experience, but more importantly, you are speaking with someone who is truly committed to empowering you lead your best life, be that as a single parent or in a relationship. You are speaking to someone who has been where you are and can empathize with your situation. Can’t wait to talk to you!